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Fort Greene Townhouse Sells For Full $2.5 Million Ask

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$2,550,000 is a pretty ambitious asking price for any residential property in Fort Greene, but not an unattainable one, as proven by 68 Greene Avenue, a four-story, 3,760-square-foot townhouse. A legal four-family home, it is currently configured as only two apartments—a garden unit and a six bedroom triplex (two of those bedrooms are pretty dubious, however, as they are under seven feet wide.) The buyers, who paid the full asking price, must have been very impressed by the house's renovation, which includes, according to the brokerbabble, "the highest-quality contemporary fixtures living in harmony with spectacular details that include; extra high ceilings, a sweeping staircase, original Piers mirrors, stunning plaster moldings, marble mantles, floor-to-ceiling windows and gorgeous inlaid wood floors." Or maybe, since it's located about a mile from the new Barclays Center, they're just huge Nets fans.

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