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Renovated Upper West Side Townhouse Returns, Seeking $20M

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Seemingly every superbroker in Elliman's stable worked on the last sale of 41 West 74th Street, then a two-family townhouse that sold to a South American industrialist for $12.5 million last year. That was a good profit for the seller?who'd spent $5.75 million on the place in 2006?but less than the high point of $14.245 million the seller (and probably that commission-splitting broker team) was hoping for. What the buyer saved on the property, he apparently put back into a renovation: the home is now a 9,760-square-foot single-family townhouse with five bedrooms, five bathrooms, and three half-bathrooms, plus fun extras like a playroom and a terrace with a hot tub. We know this from the property's new listing, which places the ask at $20 million.

Before the current owner renovated, the property looked like this:

Compare to the current floorplan:

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