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Units In Cobble Hill's New Luxury Condo Building Listed

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The three units of 253 Pacific Street, a new five-story building designed by James Cleary in Cobble Hill, were listed today for between two and three million a piece. The pictures of the duplex penthouse (above) are currently being used in all three listings. It's probably a safe bet, though, that all three units are largely similar in design, which is to say, pretty warehouse-y and industrial—concrete, beams, and exposed ducts abound. The penthouse, which totals 2,603 square feet, also features a terrace with an outdoor kitchen and a private planted roof, and is asking $2,600,000. Apartment #2 is 2,475 square feet and is asking $2,400,000, while #1 is 2,280 square feet and asking $2,150,000. The building does look pretty cool, although the block it's on is apparently not the nicest (see the comments section of this Brownstoner post.)

· Listing: 253 Pacific Street [Streeteasy]

253 Pacific Street

253 Pacific Street, Brooklyn, NY