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Gene Kaufman Finally Bringing Spaceship Building to DoBro

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Last anyone heard, the future for the vacant lot at 85 Flatbush Avenue Extension held a pretty futuristic looking 21-story luxury condo building, designed by architect Ismael Leyva, and once described as "the lovechild of the Flatiron Building and a spaceship." That was in 2007, however, and since then the project stalled and the $17.3 million foreclosure judgement was put on the market this January. But now, Brownstoner reports, the project is back! Get your spacesuits ready, everyone! The building permits have been renewed and Ismael Leyva has been replaced with everyone's favorite architect, Gene Kaufman. (This could be the start of a rather elegant solution to some of Gene's less popular buildings. Don't like the Hotel Chelsea renovations? Just launch the whole thing into the stratosphere! Problem solved!) The building will still be 21 stories and 105 units, but there's no word yet on whether or not Kaufman will actually stick with the spaceship design.
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85 Flatbush Avenue Extension

85 Flatbush Avenue Extension, Brooklyn, NY