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Rockaway Apartments to Become Nabe's First Boutique Hotel

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The hipsters have discovered Rockaway Beach, so naturally, a boutique hotel should follow. Neighborhood blogger the Rockawayist pointed us toward a new conversion project at 9714 Rockaway Beach Boulevard, where Cayuga Capital Management plans to turn the current two-story building into a boutique hotel with a 5,000-square-foot bar and restaurant on the ground floor. Rockawayist thinks that this may be the neighborhood's first ever boutique hotel, and we'd have to agree.

Currently, the second floor is home to eight apartments, and the ground floor was the now-shuttered Tap & Grill. All of the tenants appear to be moved out, and the ground floor is boarded up. Cayuga bought the property this month, and they've already applied for a liquor license, bu no recent permits have been filed with the Department of Buildings. Cayuga has a pretty extensive conversion portfolio, most notably the company brought the Steelworks Lofts project in Williamsburg back from the dead.

UPDATE 9.27: No hotel, apartments instead.
· The Tap & Grill: Rockaway's New Hotspot? [Rockawayist]