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East Village Building Torn Down to Make Way for Condos

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The vacant one-story building at 227 East 7th Street was quickly demolished this month, EV Grieve laments, to make way for a six-story residential building. Although the plans for that building have yet to be approved by the DOB, we'd advise you to think twice before questioning whether the developers know what they're doing, and direct your attention to this 2009 thread on Streeteasy. In it, Streeteasiers discuss the various trials and tribulations of 525 East 12th Street, another residential East Village building brought to you by the same guys, prompting the following response (ostensibly) from developer Natan Vinbaytel:

So everybody just watch yourselves.

Last we heard, the developers were choosing between four designs, but leaning toward the one in the lower right.

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