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Daniel Goldstein's Neighbor Officially Out for $1.4 Million

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Anti-Atlantic Yards agitator Daniel Goldstein moved, after his $3 million buyout, to a new $812,000 house in South Park Slope?and promptly began agitating the neighbors with a renovation. Goldstein's plans to add a deck, a hot tub, and other features to his new house particularly upset neighbor Kathryn Roake, who told the Times the "bulky frame of his extension?had crept in front of her morning light, casting a shadow over her garden and the back rooms of her house." Roake decided to put her house on the market for $1.425 million, and the Times mentioned last week that she'd managed to find a buyer. That sale has now hit public record, and Roake is out of the place for an even $1.4 million. So the only thing left to do is to wish the home's new residents good luck.
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