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UES Co-op With Colorful Wall-to-Wall Carpet Wants $1.4M

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Is that a mini-golf course or the living room of an Upper East Side co-op? While the former may seem possible, the latter is true. And the colorful wall-to-wall carpeting doesn't stop in the grassy-looking living room for this 2BR/2BA at 1036 Park Avenue. The den boasts orange-brown carpeting?plus a patterned wall covering in the same hue?and one of the bedrooms has Pepto-pink carpets with pink and purple flower wallpaper. The bathroom and kitchen were spared the plush treatment, but clearly they couldn't be left alone. Both have wallpapered ceilings. The place is listed for $1,395,000, but buyers should add to that whatever it will cost to rip out those carpets and redecorate.

· 1036 Park Avenue, Unit 9E [StreetEasy]
· Listing: 1036 Park Avenue #9E [Keller Williams NYC]