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Josh Wald's Greenpoint Townhouse Finds a Buyer

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When supermodel/music producer/skateboarder Josh Wald listed his self-renovated Greenpoint townhouse this summer for $2.5 million, the comments began pouring in. "There is simply no excuse for the facade," one commenter wrote. "The decor is really wimpy," wrote another. Others claimed that the neighborhood would give potential buyers cancer, and those who defended the house were decried as shills. When all was said and done, the thread totaled 155 comments and the New York Times had written a whole piece about how mean everyone was being. Now, a neighborhood tipster has informed us that the house has been purchased for the full asking price, and that the new owners will be moving in this November. Although the sale hasn't closed yet, the "Contract Signed" tag on the property's listing page confirms at least part of the rumor: against all odds, Josh Wald has sold his house. Hopefully this isn't the last we hear from Wald, who claimed at the end of the Times article that he'd "want to do it again."

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