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UES Co-op Claims To Be 'Most Dramatic', Wants $8.75M

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"Quite possibly the most dramatic full floor apartment in 160 East 72nd Street," the brokerbabble for this 3BR, 3.5BA, co-op begins. Shoot for the stars, 11th floor! If 160 East 72nd Street awards superlatives at some point you will definitely be in the running for Most Dramatic, as well as Most Juliet Balconies, and Tallest Bookshelves. The words "full floor" are crucial, though, because the building also features a 20-room triplex penthouse, which sounds pretty dramatic (whatever that even means.) Maybe in this case "most dramatic" means "has the highest ceilings," in which case it probably is—the apartment was at one point a duplex and the ceilings are extraordinarily high. So are the asking price, at $8,750,000 and the maintenance costs, at $8,187.

· Listing: 160 East 72nd Street #FL11 [Sotheby's]