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Someone Wants to Turn 28 North Moore Street Into Condos

Tribeca may be getting a new seven-unit condo building at 28 North Moore Street. Tribeca Citizen noticed work at the site, then looked into recent DOB permits for the building, which was used for manufacturing. A permit for a residential conversion was filed on August 8, but the plans were disapproved. TC reached out to the architect, H. Thomas O'Hara, but the office wouldn't comment on the project. Things were a little different on a call to the owner, when "someone who sounded like he didn't want to talk confirmed it would be residential."

Since the DOB residential conversion permit was not approved, clearly the project isn't finalized. But, just for fun, let's look at what the plans would bring if they do get approved. The building would be seven stories, with a cellar and a mezzanine. Floors two through seven would each have one unit, and the first floor would be shared by a retail store and another unit. According to the application, part of the first floor unit would be on the mezzanine level, and it would have a "recreation room" in the cellar. The cellar would also have the super's office, a fitness room, and storage areas. Given what the Nolitan went through with its mezzanine, could that be part of the problem for this building?
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