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Lower East Side's Blue Moon Hotel Now Asking $16.5 Million

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Will someone please just buy the Blue Moon Hotel already? The Lower East Side building has been on the market for about seven years by this point, and has just changed things up a little with a new listing from Eastern Consolidated. The PriceChopper appears to have spent some time in one of the hotel's 22 rooms, because the ask is now $16.5 million. It was most recently $19.5 million, and the place has previously asked everywhere from $20 million to $35 million to $29 million.

This time around, the brokerbabble, spotted by Bowery Boogie, is much more straightforward, advertising that the building's ground floor could "accommodate a number of potential future uses, such as a bar and restaurant that would cater to hotel guests as well as the tremendous volume of pedestrian traffic throughout the Lower East Side." Has the sales team finally found a winning pitch? Since an estimate last year priced the place at around $10 million, probably not.
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