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Woolworth Mansion Returns, Still Asking $90 Million

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The Woolworth Mansion at 4 East 80th Street took a brief break this fall from the stresses of the high-end sales market?it can be tough, with all those other $95 million and $100,000,000 listings generating tense competition. The mansion briefly rested its nerves by seeking renters only, at $150,000/month (a discount from the original $210,000/month ask). But maybe the house has a taste for competition after all, because the owners have returned it to market, still with townhouse queen Paula Del Nunzio handling the listing and still with the same $90 million ask. This will be fun.
· Listing: East 80th Street [BHS via StreetEasy]
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4 East 80th Street

4 East 80th Street, New York, NY