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Matthew Modine Narrates Own Chelsea Apartment Listing

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Matthew Modine, best known for his parts in Full Metal Jacket and The Dark Knight Rises, is auditioning for a new role: guy who sells his Chelsea apartment for $2,290,000. He's hoping that his celebrity status will help him achieve his goal of a $560,000 profit (having paid $1.73 million for the 1,668-square-foot duplex in 2008) and has agreed to read off some brokerbabble to accompany a slide show of the apartment. While there are a couple awkward parts—particularly when he calls the building's communal garden space "Matthew Modine's garden space"—for the most part, the guy's a pro. Plus, the end of the video features a little surprise. (Spoiler alert: it's Modine, in person.) There's really nothing bad to say about this, though, especially if it actually helps the apartment sell. We wouldn't even mind other celebrities trying the same thing. Can you imagine if Sarah Jessica Parker did one of those Sex and the City voiceovers every time she and Broderick listed another one of their apartments?

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