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City's Saddest Penthouse Approaches Fourth Year on Market

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At least there's something to be said for the consistency of this apartment. Two days ago, the penthouse of 16 Warren Street appeared on the market, just as it has every few months for the past four years. In that time, it has been listed by five different brokerages (some of them more than once) and has been PriceChopped by a total of $2,925,000, 32 percent off its original asking price. (Interestingly, it's actually listed for $300,000 more this time than it was the last time around at $6,250,000, so...good luck with that.) Although all the units in the see-through, very out-of-place Tribeca TownHomes had trouble finding buyers originally, the penthouse is the only one that remains, forlorn, alone, tears quietly streaming down its floor-to-ceiling windows. Continuing at its current rate (or maybe even at a slightly slower one) it's a lock for the PriceChopper Hall of Fame by the end of next year. Let's just hope it manages to sell before its tax abatement expires in 2019.

UPDATE: More than a year later, this penthouse is still the saddest.

Here's a history of the apartment's many PriceChops, and the most recent inexplicable PriceUp:

And the floorplan:

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