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Park Ave Co-op Can't Quite Work Up the Nerve to Ask $10M

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This full-floor prewar co-op in 620 Park Avenue hit the market a couple days ago, and it knew that it ought to fetch a pretty high price, with its beautiful original details, huge rooms, sweeping views, and private elevator landing. It just couldn't quite find the gumption to join the Eight Digit Club, asking $9,500,000 instead. Come on, tenth floor, you never know until you try! No one would give you a hard time about it or anything—if the City Spire penthouse is going to set its sights on $100 million, surely $10 million isn't that out of your reach. Have a little confidence! You do have a powder room, after all. Plus, the maintenance is already $11,359, so...might as well just go for it.

· Listing: 620 Park Avenue #10FL [Elliman]