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A Private Roof Deck and Dizzying Spiral Staircase for $1.2M

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Weekend open house snooping is a time-honored tradition. We periodically check in on random open houses around the city, just to stay sharp.

The Event: An open house at 277 Hicks Street, Apt. 4D
Who Was There: Attractive couples expecting their first child, the broker
In the Air: The pensiveness involved in deciding what shade of marigold the baby's room should be
What was served: Hershey's chocolates (yes, there was dark chocolate)
Overheard: "I'd make the deck a bit more cozy, you know? Squishy cushions, something."

This apartment had us sold at "private roof deck," although you might need to be an expert at spelunking in order to make your way up and down the spiral staircase to get there. But once you're up: a view of downtown Manhattan and the sprawl of tree-lined streets. If we hadn't been late for brunch, we may have made ourselves comfortable and hoped the broker forgot about the bloggers upstairs.

The 2-bedroom, 2-bath space has a wood burning fireplace, and an impressive bookcase for all of the books you want to show off but probably haven't touched since you Spark-Noted/CliffsNote-d them in high school. The apartment is bright and open, and on a quiet street just a few blocks from Brooklyn Bridge Park. There's an elevator and strollers lining the hallways, and a short walk to Borough Hall subways. The kitchen is new and the master bathroom is hubba-hubba status. Only downside, the second bathroom is a bit outdated.

Oh, and dogs are allowed, as displayed by the parade of pooches that followed us out.

-Emily Laskodi
· Listing: 277 Hicks Street #4D [Brown Harris Stevens]