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A 30-Photo Tour of the Abandoned North Brother Island

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North Brother Island, the 13-acre piece of land that once housed a quarantine hospital, has long been a source of fascination for urban explorers and history nerds. Abandoned since the early 1960s, the island and its crumbling medical structures, famous for housing Typhoid Mary, have been taken over by nature. As a Radiolab producer once said, "North Brother Island is what will happen to the whole of our civilization when humanity is dead." Curbed tipster and urban photographer 2e recently journeyed to the island, only accessible by boat, and here now, we have 30 photos from his 7-hour adventure. "It's funny because often times you read about a place like this only to be let down after actually going," says 2e. "North Brother Island is not one of those places. In fact, to date, it has hands down been the most fascinating location I've been to."

2e writes:

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