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Manhattan's Coolest Water Tank Up for Sale for $3.6 Million

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Okay, it's not just a water tank. But the rooftop water tank that's been converted into a cottage is by far the coolest feature of this new listing at 12 East 12th Street. The 2BR, 1.5BA condo itself was designed by Messana O'Rorke, a Richard Meier protegee, to have lots of skylights, a stainless steel staircase, and an irrigated terrace. O'Rorke also handled the conversion of the water tank into a "cottage" with 24-foot ceilings, central air, and cable. Take that, Hamptons! The whole setup?cottage and condo?appears to have been on the market once before, asking $3.55 million in 2006. This time around, it's hoping for $3.6 million.

· Listing: 12 East 12th Street [Elliman]

12 East 12th Street

12 East 12th Street, New York, NY