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$90 Million Mansion Back on the Market for $150K a Month

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If all your hopes and dreams were dashed when the $90 million mansion at 4 East 80th Street came off the market yesterday, never fear?the townhouse has not been purchased. The owners, family of the late exercise guru Lucille Roberts, would rather just lease the 20,000-square-foot home for $150,000 a month. Quite the deal considering that they first tried to rent it last year for $210,000, then chopped the price to $165,000 last August. With this recent rentchop, the mansion gives up its superlative as the most expensive rental on the market, which now solely belongs to the Astor Suite at the Plaza. The Observer reports that the owners want to rent the house for at least two years, and the renters would have the option to buy if they just can't bear move out.

The brokerbabble has remained unchanged since the townhouse first hit the market. The 20-room home is decked out in neo-French Renaissance glory, and it has a 50-person dining room, a 35-foot-wide library/wet bar/powder room combo on the third floor, a gym, a master suite with two sitting rooms on the fourth floor, and a staff suite.
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4 East 80th Street

4 East 80th Street, New York, NY