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Bank Pimps Historic Importance of Destroyed Building Lot

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The owners of the almost-two centuries-old wood frame house at 135 Bowery fought hard against its landmarking, arguing that saving the building would cost too dearly. The City Council sided against preservationists in a 2011 decision, voting 49-1 against landmarking, and demolition of the 1817 Federal-style Hardenbrook Somarindyck House began. In an ironic twist, the current owner of 135 Bowery, First American International Bank, is marketing the property—the dust from the demolished house still settling—as valuable due to its probable inclusion in a historically significant neighborhood that would restrict other development, reports Bowery Boogie. Since the City Council's vote against landmarking, The Bowery was added to the State Registry of Historic Places, paving the way for inclusion on the federal historic places list.

"[The State and National Historic Register] lists indicate the likelihood of the Bowery's future landmarking and potentially being designated a historic district, which will have no effect on the current development but will limit the development of the surrounding buildings."The site is currently being marketed as a potential 8 story commercial loft building with retail on the ground floor. The price tag is $8.5 million. [BoweryBoogie]
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