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Cornerspotted: 2nd Avenue and 97th Street in Manhattan

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It took some time this week, but commenter Ferryboi earned some accolades by being the one to correctly identify the most recent Cornerspotter as the corner of Second Avenue and 97th Street in Manhattan. The shot was taken in 1941 and the three buildings mentioned in yesterday's post are The School of Cooperative Tech Education (under construction in the mid-foreground, the Life Sciences Secondary School (still standing and identifiable by its quoins and dual gables), and now-disappeared power plant for the Metropolitan Street Railway Company (massive, in the background). The disappeared power station was built in 1899 to power the Third Avenue rail line and contained eleven steam engines. It ceased operation after just 15 years and the building was closed in the 1930s before being demolished in the 1950s. So when this picture was taken in 1941, the plant was probably ripe for urban explorers. Thanks for playing!
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