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Merchant House Penthouse Eyed by Diddy Loses $3 Million

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Earlier this summer, Sean "Diddy" Combs was spotted at the Merchant House's duplex penthouse, a $19.95M property on N. Moore Street. But the 6,800-square-foot property never went into contract, and we're guessing Diddy isn't buying?because the place just got PriceChopped by a bit more than $3 million. The fresh price is $16.9 million, a 15 percent discount. The penthouse has "grand, contemporary great room with 17' ceilings and 50' of floor-to-ceiling windows and a continuous skylight overhead," as well as a garden landscaped by Shin Abe. Both aspects sound delightful, which is probably why, between them, they take up 100 percent of the listing pics.

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