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Not Surprisingly, CB5 Says 'No' to Pope Hat Expansion

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Developer Anbau Enterprises recently snapped up 22 West 24th Street as part of its overarching strategy for the block-through site on which it plans to build the Pope Hat Building. Community Board 5 has already expressed its displeasure with the Pope Hat, and last night, CB 5's Landmarks subcommittee also voted unanimously against a Pope Hat expansion, a new eight-story residential building planned for 22 West 24th Street (that's an old photo of the site above).

The subcommittee's chair made it clear from his opening remarks that he was none too fond of the proposal, and the other committee members didn't warm to it after the architect spoke. Their main critique: why must this building be so modern. The architects responded, "We're living in a modern age. [We can't] design something that looks like it was built 100 years ago."

The committee members asked that there be a compromise between the concerns of the community and the architect's design. Specifically, the committee members commented on how the light stone on the façade is out of the place for the neighborhood, and how the diagonal design at the street front is unappealing.

Veronica Vickers, Vice President of the block association, said that the community welcomes the new residential building, as the block has taken on a commercial feel since Eataly came along. "The proposed building] will add to the residential nature of the block. But you guys are clever—design something that is more for the neighborhood?how hard could it be?"

We tried to take photos of the renderings but were stopped by an attorney on the grounds that the architects are going back to the drawing board. Anyone got images? Send 'em over.

UPDATE: A tipster kindly provided this render:

?Emily Laskodi
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22 West 24th Street

22 West 24th Street, New York, NY