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Sweater Factory Loft Ads Keep Getting More Hilarious

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The latest ads for the now-"posh" Sweater Factory building on Meserole Avenue in Greenpoint are refreshingly honest—describing the address as a "Factory Building", which it is because it's still illegal for people to live there. All the unfortunate illegal residents who thought they were living in a legit building were evicted for their own safety in 2009. Now the advertisements take a fun direction with re-branding the beleaguered propertyby identifying it as The Rustic House, which is a fixer-upper of a name if we've ever heard one. In the Craigslist post selling a $2850/month 2BR loft, the copy reads "Come for a viewing on a bright day. Sunlight pours through the windows and adds a wonderful aura to the spaces." Are they sure this isn't just a good idea because the outstanding ConEd bill hasn't been paid yet?
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239 Banker Street

239 Banker Street, Brooklyn, NY 11222