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Novogratz House Returns for $6.5M on Centre Market Place

The Novogratz clan left many fingerprints on Centre Market Place, where they redid five townhouses. Our favorite is number 5 because it has the clan's trademark hoops, but for those looking for something more understated, there's always 1 Centre Market Place. The house just came back on the market with a new broker and a fresh ask of $6.5 million. The place was once asking as much as $7.995 million. Back in 2005, the Novogratz family bought it for $1.46 million and flipped it for $2.6 million.
The listing advertises such features as an "extra large open living room," "chef kitchen," and "huge closets space"?the rather bland descriptions to which a Novogratz townhouse rarely has to stoop. There's also "lots of potential for the right buyers." Potential? Ouch.

Here's the floorplan from an older version of the listing:

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