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Is This Video About Greenpoint 'All Wrong'?

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The video above locating Greenpoint, Brooklyn just a "hop, skip and a spit" away from Manhattan was described as "all wrong," "absolutely misleading," and "awful" by's Brooklyn editor Ellen Freudenheim, who apologized for letting the video be posted on the site without her consent, according to McBrooklyn. The video, a production of Turn Here Short Films, is a warts-and-all three minute stroll around Greenpoint narrated by a a long-time resident and "Official Badass" George Diaz, who clearly loves the area.

During the video Diaz acknowledges crime and drug use, but mostly in the context of how much Greenpoint has improved in recent years. "There were so many gangs out here, you had to watch yourself walking one block to another. [Shrugs] That's how it was. Now, you can walk anywhere you want." One line sums up Diaz's unapologetic affection for his slice of Brooklyn. "Greenpoint to me has always been a good area, even when it was bad it was still a good area." We doubt mentioning an establishment nicknamed "The Murder Bar" will thrill many real estate professionals, but is this video "all wrong"?
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