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Unlock the Value of Your Home with onefinestay

Today, onefinestay is looking for distinctive properties in New York City. By your next holiday, you could be easing that empty-home pain and earning effortless income. Find out how much you could make by answering a few short questions. For more information about how it all works, click here, call 212-729-1985, or e-mail

Onefinestay is a new, full-service, vacation rental solution for sophisticated travelers. The concept is simple: hosts offer their homes up for rent while they're away and guests pay to stay in these homes for a distinctly "unhotel" experience. The process is seamless and secure: The firm meets your guest on arrival and provides a full turnkey service including professional cleaning, high quality linens, towels and Kiehls amenities.

When you skipped town for the holiday, did it pain you that your beautiful home sat empty in the September sun? Thanks to onefinestay, it doesn't have to be this way.