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Big Reveal: $899K for a 3BR Co-op in the West Village

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There was a lot of activity surrounding this week's Pricespotter, with plenty of it based on how insane some commenters were perceived to be based on their guesses. To be fair, this was a tricky one: 3BR apartments in the West Village usually come with automatic high price tags attached, which is why scrutinizing the floor plan was important. The dimensions on those closet-less bedrooms were a little tight, and the presence of only one bathroom turned a lot of people off. One commenter put a lot of rationale into his guess:

[Ahem] It is a 1 bedroom idiots. The living room has been divided (twice with two walls), and the dining room off the kitchen kidnapped (and labeled a bedroom). It is a +/- 900 sf 1 bedroom / 1 bath walk-up ... with NO CLOSETS (except the little bittie one in the only true bedroom) and the reoom probably feel much smaller than they do in the pictures ... so I say Since it is on the top floor, this guess of $900K was only $1,000 above the actual asking price of $899,000 for 25 Charles Street, #6B. The median and average guesses were 56% and 66% above the ask, respectively. Thanks for playing!
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