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404 Park Avenue South Reveals Its Future Facade Design

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Some early hints regarding 404 Park Avenue South trickled out last year: that floors 2 through 16 would be reconfigured into 65 luxury apartments by Dutch designer Piet Boon. Turns out that information was partially true. Boon is working on the building, but the early renderings we saw are inaccurate and are no longer on the designer's site. What we know about the building now is the exterior look, thanks to a rendering displayed?on the building's construction netting! (Developers, why don't you all do this?) The building will have about 60 units, and sales should start in a few months. And when we said there was a Dutch designer, maybe we should have said there's a full-fledged attempt to restart New Amsterdam happening here.

The developer is the Dutch Kroonenberg Group, which has a bunch of residential projects in Amsterdam in its portfolio. Any Dutch pottery experts in the audience might also note that the blue and white design on the 404 Park Avenue South netting kinda sparks thoughts of Delftware, a type of 16th-century pottery from the Netherlands. And if not, well, hopefully you like blue and white anyway. Because here's that same facade image on pieces of blue and white tile:

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