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Russell Simmons' Liberty Street Penthouse Returns for $11M

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The real estate trials of Def Jam founder Russell Simmons have been much discussed here. For all of his three terraces, two kitchens, and 40 windows?not to mention that staircase?no one wanted Simmons' penthouse at 114 Liberty Street. (Except for Sean "Diddy" Combs, who almost closed on the place before 9/11.) But if at first you don't sell, try, try again. And that, it appears, is what Simmons is doing with a fresh listing for $11,000,000. That brings the place back to its pre-chopper price, and there's an additional 1 percent flip tax paid by the buyer.
The floorplan, in three parts:

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114 Liberty Street

114 Liberty Street, New York, NY