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$40M Renovation Turns Historic Horse Stable Into School

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After 115 years of housing horses followed by a five-year closure, the historic Claremont Carriage and Stable House on the Upper West Side is now a middle school, welcoming its first students today. The stables closed in 2007, when the owner decided that keeping horses for trail rides and lessons in Central Park was no longer economically viable. The riding academy was originally going to be turned into luxury condos, but that plan fell to pieces, and the Stephen Gaynor School bought the building in 2010 for $12 million.

Now, after a $40 million makeover, DNAinfo reports that 11 new classrooms exist where horses once lived. That price tag also includes a larger renovation to the existing school, which has been connected to the stable house. The school is also getting a new arts center with a 275-seat theater and play roof.
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