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Here Now, Curbed Readers' Dream New York City Listings

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A few weeks ago, we asked you, Curbed readers, to name your dream NYC apartments (and townhouses), or even just properties you'd like to see hit the market for the chance to peek inside. Here now, a few of our favorite answers. Got a dream listing not mentioned here? Please share in the comments.

"I'll give a bunch of answers for dream listings. For co-ops, I would be curious to see the Pierre penthouse (with floorplan), the penthouse at 1 Sutton Place, and the Schwarzman place at 740 Park. For townhouses, there are too many to list, but it would be nice to see something like 9 East 71st Street, or another huge/iconic place come on the market. For condos, the two that come to mind are the Martinez apartment at the Time Warner Center and the Loeb penthouse at 15 Central Park West. My dream places to live, however, would all be downtown, with 19 Gramercy Park South being my first choice."?anon

"The big, beautiful CPW penthouse that Moby sold a few years back."?anon

"Top Floor at Kitchen, Montross & Wilcox Store at 85 Leonard Street"?anon

"The townhouse right next to Babbo on Waverly Pl. Not to sound creepy but those guys always have the windows open and at night it's hard not to peek in—incredible, with incredible art, too."?sarahfirsh

"I want that Penthouse apt in the Woolworth building whenever it comes available. Or a Penthouse apartment at Beekman tower."?anon

"Quadaplex southeast tower @ Beresford! And 'B' line duplex @ Dorilton."?anon

"This is my dream apt. It sold a few years ago, it's in Tribeca somewhere on Duane st. Other than that a full floor loft in Tribeca, the village or soho. If I had a family a townhouse in the village. Although a year or so ago I came across this house in London. If I had the money I would pay the person that bought it double to get it."?anon

"My dream apartment would be Demi Moore's duplex in the south tower of the San Remo (pretty sure she still owns it?) I think it's the only tower duplex there that's still in tact. And the one I'd like to see listed the most just to see pictures is a tie between Murdoch's triplex at 834 and Loeb's place at 15 CPW."?anon

"One of the units in 24 Remsen St. in Brooklyn Heights. They're beautiful, spacious, in a historic townhome, on a great block just off the Promenade, and they're CONDO!! Which is so rare for the Heights."?nick-angiolillo

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