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Artist's UES Apartment is a Technicolor Wonderland

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Mismatched animal barstools, a swirled mosaic rug, a couch covered with dozens of vibrant floral patterns, a purple entertainment center?these are just a few of the whimsical elements decorating artist and furniture designer Apryl Miller's rainbow-colored apartment. Located in a sleek Upper East Side doorman building, the 4,000-square-foot, 4BR/4BA home has become a living art installation that Miller filled with her playful colorful creations. Hyperallergic recently chatted with Miller about the space, which has been featured on HGTV and MTV Cribs, and she says the apartment is "a whole world in itself." Her teenage daughter, who's room has a balcony, says waking up in the technicolor world is "like having a second alarm clock."

Arguably the coolest room is the bathroom, which is decked out with 8,000 custom glass tiles. You can see it in the video, starting at 2:24:

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