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$7.5M Tribeca Loft, Complete With Finding Nemo Room

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If you happen to be in the market for a 5BR, 4.5BA loft in Tribeca that costs $7,500,000, you should probably check this one out. But until you're willing to make some sort of commitment, definitely do not bring your kids, because there is virtually no chance of them ever shutting up once they've seen the Finding Nemo room, complete with large wall paintings of Nemo himself and the Ellen Degeneres fish, as well as three boat-shaped beds. Heck, even we want to live there. There are other impressive things about the apartment, too—4,380 square feet, floating staircase, balcony—but none of them hold a candle to that room. Sharkbait, Ooh Ha Ha.

· Listing: 21 Jay Street #3E/4E [Corcoran]