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$44 Million 15 CPW Listing Offers Totally Boring Combo

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It's no $95 million mega combo, but another combination unit at 15 Central Park West has hit the market. The $44 million listing is for two units on the building's 24th floor, totaling 3,952-square-feet. There are five bedrooms, five full baths, and two partial baths. The listing provides three separate floor plans, one "as built" and two showing combination suggestions. The brokerbabble reads as though the apartments are already combined?"An expansive corner Living Room with picture windows adjoins a state-of-the art Chef's Kitchen and Formal Dining Room"?but this is just imaginative, which means that the buyer would have to drop another couple million to combined the units. Either way, the combinations offered are very underwhelming.

These are the current floor plans:

The first combination suggestion turns a bedroom next to the kitchen into a dining room, swaps a master bedroom for a library, and makes the second kitchen a giant dressing room for the master suite:

The second suggestion moves the dining room into the living room, pushing the kitchen next to the library, and it turns the extra kitchen into another full bathroom for the master suite. Because every master suite needs two bathtubs and four sinks:

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15 Central Park West

15 Central Park West, Manhattan, NY 10023