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UWS's Latest $75M Listing Offers Jellyfish Tank and Safe Rooms

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Joining the ranks of ridiculously high priced listings currently sitting on the market, please welcome this triplex at the Heritage at Trump Place. The unit, profiled in the Post but with no listing online yet, is a combination of six apartments into one 11,000-square-foot behemoth. (Perhaps this combo? Otherwise there's a lot of empire building going on in the Heritage at Trump Place.) We're looking forward to seeing the floorplan for this one. (Anyone spot it? Please, please pass it along!) UPDATE: The listing is now online. Pics and floorplan in the gallery above.

So, are there features that justify the $75 million asking price? Well, there's "a jellyfish tank, safe rooms, a rain fountain that doubles as a Jacuzzi," TVs in some of the bathroom mirrors, and a "ventilated cigar room and billiards room." And one of the kitchens?yes, one of them?has "an extra sushi prep spot" for catering.

As if $75 million weren't a high enough ask?though the per-square-foot price is a more reasonable-sounding $5,156/square foot?there are also the monthly common charges of $19,705. (The annual property taxes work out to $83,798, which is really a drop in the bucket in this case.) There's also the option to hire the home's current caretaker, so the buyer won't have to feed his or her own jellyfish.
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