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Beyond the High Line: Transforming the Lowline, September 10

[Rendering via Raad Studio, courtesy of Friends of the High Line]

This Monday, join Friends of the High Line for the third installment of its lecture series, "Beyond the High Line: Transforming the Lowline." Like its above ground counterpart, the Lowline is an attempt to address the lack of public, green space in New York City. Dan Barasch and James Ramsey, founders of the Delancey Undergroud Project, will discuss their plans to turn the Williamsburg Trolley Terminal (under Delancey Street) into 60,000 square feet of public, green space, immune to the ills of the cold, rain and snow. Plans include space for performance, art and music, and enough light (via fiber optic cables) to support the growth and health of plants and trees.

Following the presentation, Robert Hammond (co-founder of Friends of the High Line) will lead a discussion with Dan Barasch and Director of Communications of the Delancy Underground Project, Robyn Shapiro. The talk begins at 6:30pm, with an audience Q&A to follow.

And stay tuned for the fourth talk on October 15, featuring leaders behind the Lafitte Corridor in New Orleans.