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Brooklyn Heights Co-op Doubles Down on $3 Million Units

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Apartment #23AB, a full-floor "Tribeca styled loft" with 360 degree views, in 75 Livingston Street was listed today for $3,400,000. If that seems like too much to pay for an apartment in Brooklyn, consider that the unit, in addition to its 360 degree views, contains 3,000 square feet and a wraparound terrace. And if that still seems like too much to pay, that's because it probably is. The full-floor apartment two floors higher (#25AB) was listed for $3,600,000 in March. This week, it was pricechopped for the second time, and it's now listed for $3,250,000. #23AB, however, might have something that #25AB does not.

This moderately terrifying polar bear head.

It also has the terrace.

· Listing: 75 Livingston Street #23AB [Corcoran]

75 Livingston St

75 Livingston Street, Brooklyn, NY 11201