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A Beekman Terrace 3BR for the Excessively Picky Buyer

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The Calabros, a couple from New Jersey, were featured prominently in this Daily News article from 2009, titled "Oldie but goodie: Retirees, empty-nesters flock to Manhattan - and thrive". "[They] wanted an apartment that didn't feel like an apartment, something common among the 55-plus crowd exiting suburban homes," the article reads. "[Mr.] Calabro looked at 100 or more places before he found a tastefully renovated three-bedroom co-op in a historic midtown building that overlooks a small park and the East River." Their section concludes: "More than anything, though, he and his wife relish being in the city." Sounds like a happy ending, except that the Calabros re-listed the apartment for $2.2 million within three years of purchasing it and yesterday chopped the price to $1,985,000, only $185,000 more than they paid. The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence, but, as the Calabros must have figured out, there isn't really any grass in New York City anyway and also it's really crowded and smells terrible because it's filled with garbage. If you can stand all that and have two million dollars, though, this is a very nice apartment.

· Listing: 455 East 51st Street #2F [Sotheby's]