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Author's Greenwich Village Loft Listed for $1.695 Million

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This 2BR, 2BA loft in Greenwich Village's Portico Place is a little short on windows, but that simply provides for fewer distractions so that you can really buckle down and write some award-winning nonfiction. Just ask the apartment's owner, Betty Fussell, who has authored eleven books and many essays over the course of her 50-year career, pertaining mostly to food (she's currently working on one titled How to Cook a Coyote: A Recipe for Survival in NYC.) The apartment (1,351 square feet), which was listed this weekend for $1,695,000, has five skylights to make up for its lack of windows, as well as a fireplace, huge exposed beams, and ceilings ranging from nine to fourteen feet in height. Pretty cool. Plus, how many co-op buildings out there have a porch with six Doric columns? The building, Portico Place, a former Greek Revival Church built in 1846, was converted into a 15-unit building in 1982 by architect Stephen B. Jacobs.

· Listing: 141 West 13th Street #302 [Corcoran]