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Imagining an Alternative Look for the Tappan Zee Bridge

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Welcome back to Redesign the City, a feature in which University of Edinburgh architecture graduate William Weber reimagines how NYC neighborhoods and buildings could be improved or how they might look in the future. Have a building you want us to re-envision? Want to submit a rendering of your own? Please be in touch.

The state's Thruway Authority has thrown its support behind the cheapest of the three proposals for the redesign of the Tappan Zee Bridge. That design has received decent public feedback?at least from the segment of the public represented by Curbed commenters?but it's still fun to play around with alternatives. Here's one, designed by our Redesign the City columnist William Weber and inspired by sailboats. Have another idea for an alternaTappan Zee? Share in the comments.

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Tappan Zee Bridge

Tarrytown, Tarrytown, NY 10591