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476 Broome Returns with One Measly Rooftop Swimming Pool

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Planned luxury condo conversion 476 Broome Street, aka 62 Wooster Street, went belly up a couple years ago, but new owner Jeff Greene, who purchased the building for $26.7 million after it went into foreclosure, has the project back on track. The next step for the six-story Soho building is to get a special permit from the City Planning Commission to allow for residential use on the upper five floors and commercial use on the ground floor, which is how representatives for the project found themselves in front of Community Board 2's Land Use and Business Development committee last night.

There was some new information revealed: that architect Costas Kondylis has been replaced by Walter Marin and that the building's cast iron facade will be restored and repainted in its original stone color. Most importantly, though, the five separate rooftop swimming pools will indeed be consolidated into one pool, which was still cause for minor concern, as the committee chair commented that it could lead to "not just parties, but pool parties." This led to a little back and forth about whether the shape of pool (long, narrow) would be conducive to partying.

The plans originally called for five full-floor units with a rooftop penthouse addition, which were later changed to ten units. The current team is keeping it at ten but may be willing to go back to five, and also claim to have reduced the size of the addition. As 476 Broome is located within the boundaries of the Soho Cast Iron Historic District, the plans will need to get Landmarks approval as well. There are no new renderings yet, but that's okay because the one we have on file is basically perfect.
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