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High Bridge Restoration Breaks Ground; Ellis Island Updates

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HARLEM?Mayor Bloomberg announced today that the long-awaited restoration of the High Bridge will begin. The bridge, buit in 1848, has been closed since 1970, and the $61 million project will allow it to reopen to pedestrians and cyclists. The crosses the Harlem River, linking upper Manhattan with the Bronx, and it's the oldest remaining bridge in NYC. the restoration should be complete by 2014. [CurbedWire Inbox; full press release]

ELLIS ISLAND?Ellis and Liberty Islands are still recovering from Hurricane Sandy, as their infrastructure was severely damaged during the storm. No harm was done to the Immigration Museum's collection, but the institute has been forced to relocate its collection because it's unable to maintain a stable, climate-controlled environment. Museum items had to be sent to an offsite National Parks Service facility all the way in Maryland. [CurbedWire Inbox]