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Two Trees Reveals Community Desires for Domino Development

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Last month, Two Trees held several public sessions to gather community input about what residents would like to see in the New Domino, and it seems like the developer actually cares about what the community wants. Reps for Two Trees sent along a detailed list of things that were discussed for the commercial, community, and outdoor spaces in the development. In an email to community members, Two Trees' director of special projects Dave Lombino said the input would shape their planning process for the "finite amount of space," adding that they "heard your message loud and clear about the critical importance of affordable housing for this site. [...] While we don't have any details or numbers to report yet on affordable housing, you can be assured that it is a central part of our planning process."

The community wants commercial spaces that will be suitable for smaller companies and local businesses that are looking to grow within the neighborhood. The set-up of the Chelsea Market, retail on the bottom with offices on top, seemed preferable, and it was noted that the "vibe" of the neighborhood is really important?"It's why Gowanus is more attractive to many creative economy businesses than Downtown Brooklyn." No one wants chain stores, but a quality supermarket like Trader Joe's would be welcome. Space for food businesses was proposed ("Food industry in Brooklyn is 'sexy'"), but bars would not be welcome.

Pretty much any idea for open space in the city that you could possible think of was suggested for the outdoor areas: an ice rink, public art, beach, trails, dog park, community garden, hydroponic farm, education center, skate park, etc. A boat launch was seen as a must.

As for community space, no one wants another elementary school, as the area's school are "under-enrolled," but a creative high school would be great. People also really want a large, affordable meeting space, and some kind of cultural center. Suggestions included a children's museum, science museum, Latino cultural center, and community history center.

For those wanting all the details, you can find the full summary here.
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