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Landscape Designer, Architect Gut Renovate Brooklyn House

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Take one landscape designer (Miranda Brooks) and one architect (Bastien Halard) and put them in a Boerum Hill townhouse, and the result is?just about what you'd expect, and it's currently featured in Vogue. As Vogue puts it, "the plotline was not wholly original?chic Manhattan couple comes to Brooklyn, motivated by a growing brood and a need for space?but the execution couldn't have been more DIY." The couple spotted the home on Craigslist and gut renovated it in six months "with a crew of Chinese contractors who couldn't read an architectural plan, and with a budget roughly equivalent to what one of his clients would pay for a bathroom."

Halard found much of the furniture at antique fairs; Brooks handled the garden. The first floor is designed in a French style, the middle floor English, and the top floor New York. A carriage house serves as Halard's and Brooks' offices. Click through for the full slideshow.

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