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Big Reveal: $910,000 for a 2BR With a Terrace in Fort Greene

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Lots of guesses on this week's PriceSpotter property, but nearly every single one came in below the asking price of $910,000. The average guess was $777,000 for this 2BR/2BA located in The Sanctuary at 264 Cumberland Street in Fort Greene, and only one person went over the ask, guessing $926,000. It was a difficult building to describe without giving too much away, as it's a landmarked church built in 1860 that was converted to condos in 2008. The low guesses seem to have stemmed from the apartment's semi-awkward layout?several commenters noted that there's no real living room. Now that you know where the unit is located, will this condo fetch it's asking price or will it be forced to visit the PriceChopper?

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