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Green Goblin's Penthouse from 'Spider-Man' Listed for $1.6M

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The Windsor Tower penthouse that served as a backdrop for much of Willem Dafoe's evil cackling (as the Green Goblin) during the Tobey Maguire 'Spider-Man' franchise hit the market yesterday. The price tag for the 1BR, 1.5BA duplex is a mere $1.595 million, maybe a bit pricey for a 1BR Midtown East co-op, but surprisingly cheap once you consider the 18-foot-ceiling, floor-to-ceiling windows, working fireplace, beautiful floors, and private terrace, not to mention the bragging rights that inevitably come with the apartment. In fact, we're not ashamed to admit it—if we were the evil, mutated president of a multi-national weapons manufacturing corporation, we'd totally buy the place.

· Listing: 5 Tudor City Place #PH5 [Brown Harris Stevens]
· 'Spider-Man' villain Green Goblin's penthouse up for grabs at $1.6M [Daily News, via Gothamist]

5 Tudor City Place

5 Tudor City Place, New York, NY 10017