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Upper East Side Says No Thank You to Glass Towers

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1) This week's hunter, Christine, a singer-songwriter, isn't a big fan of windows, which is helpful because she's looking for a place on the Upper West Side for $1,500/month. Unfortunately, even the windowless places she looks at are too small to be livable and she, like so many hunters before her, turns her attention to Queens, and then to Harlem. In a $1,650/month studio on West 102nd Street, it's love at first sight and she acts quickly, securing board approval, moving in, and fixing the air conditioner. [The Hunt/'The Clincher: It Matches My Knitting!']

2) Even though developers are imbued with a biological impulse to turn every building they see into a shining glass tower, glass towers aren't as in vogue now than they were as recently as a few years ago, and nowhere are they less welcome than on the old-money Upper East Side. (The old-money Upper East Side, the Times helpfully points out, is a neighborhood that you may know from the television programme "Gossip Girl".) That isn't to say that the developers don't try—the Lucida at 151 East 85th Street, for instance, rose in 2009, but some, like 949 and 1055 Park Avenue, have had significant trouble selling apartments. Others, like 980 Madison Avenue, were met with neighborhood resistance ("a 'Gossip Girl'-style takedown" from author Tom Wolfe) and forced to abandon their plans. Meanwhile, sales are booming at classically designed condo conversions such as 200 East 79th Street. Just like high school gossip boomed in the classic Upper East Side TV Show "Gossip Girl". [Big Deal/'The New 'Old-Money' Upper East Side']