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Have Robert Pattinson Watch You Watch TV for $4.2 Million

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When you're thinking about shelling out $4.2 million for a classic seven in a full-service prewar Park Avenue co-op, there are certain features you're always going to look for, such as an amply sized formal dining room (check), a maid's room that is separate from the rest of the apartment and has its own bathroom (check), and a life-sized cutout of smoldering teen heartthrob Robert Pattinson, angled so that whoever is sitting on the couch is subjected to Mr. Pattinson's piercing and unwavering glare. Watching TV has never been so sexy, or so nerve-wracking. Anyway, Robert Pattinson, vampires, Twilight. That will be one billion pageviews please.

· 1112 Park Avenue #3A [Corcoran]